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Bglobal is a leading safety matches manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter from India. We specialize in producing safety matches that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our matches are crafted using top-grade materials, ensuring consistent performance and safety in every strike. Safety matches are vital in our daily life. Their dependability is crucial for […]

Introduction Safety matches, a small yet essential commodity, play a vital role in everyday life. The global safety matches market is experiencing significant growth, driven by factors such as urbanization, increasing disposable incomes, and the ongoing demand for household essentials.  In this article we will look into the expanding safety matches market and offers insights […]

Safety matches are an essential household item used globally for lighting stoves, candles, and more. The export of safety matches, particularly from countries like India, has seen significant growth.  However, navigating the international trade landscape presents various challenges.  In this article let us look into these challenges and provides insights for safety matches manufacturers and […]