Wax Safety Matches .



Wax Safety Matches .

Our wax safety matches are designed for durability and reliability in various conditions. Engineered with advanced technology, these matches ensure a consistent ignition every time they are struck. Ideal for outdoor activities, camping trips, and emergency situations, our wax safety matches provide a dependable lighting solution wherever you need it. Experience the durability and reliability of our wax safety matches for your next adventure or everyday use.

Specifications :

Box Size Load Ability per 40 HC Container
52 x 36 x 12 mm 2600 Cartons
44 x 32 x 12 mm 3500 Cartons
43 x 30 x 10 mm 4200 Cartons


30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm

Splints Quality:

1.3 mm / 1.5 mm

No of Sticks:

30 / 35 / 40 average

Side Frictions:

Dotted with Margin / Fully tinted with two side border

Packaging Type :

10s packing: PVC / BOPP packing 10s packing: Printed wrapper
100s packing: Shrink packing 1000s packing: 3 ply Multi color printed white carton / Brown Kraft

Types of Packing :

600s packing (10 x 10 x 6)1000s packing (10 x 10 x 10)